Things You Should Know

Not too long ago I did a post about some useless information, I know.
You're probably thinking, really? Another one?
But here are some more, because if we're gonna be friends, I think you should
know some of these. 
Annnddd... I'm bored tonight. 
So too bad.

// I sometimes sleep with my window open when it's cold outside because it makes me feel like I'm camping.
// I wish I could play the guitar so bad, and sometimes I pretend like I can when no one is home. And I sing along. (I just got a guitar for my birthday too. Score!)
// I have wicked awesome dance moves. All original of course. Which are too cool to post on here. Cool or embarrassing.. but I'm going with cool.
// My fingernails are always cut to the very shortest they can be without being painful. I so wish I had long, healthy, beautiful nails.
// My hair doesn't grow past the length it's at now. It seriously just stops.
// If I could pull off wearing yellow, I would wear it all the time.
// Speaking of clothes, yes, I wear the same fleece lined leggings and over sized red sweatshirt multiple times a week. No shame. It's the most comfortable thing I own.
// I have never had a bloody nose. In my whole 20 years of life. Not once. No broken bones either.
// Milk is my fave. Possible reason for the last fact? Most likely.
// I h-a-t-e my natural lip color.
// It's nearly impossible for my skin to tan. If I'm outside ALL day (and I mean sun up to sun down) and everyday (as in at least 5 of the 7 days) then yes, it happens. Otherwise, I'm as white as ever.
// I have a problem when it comes to the $5 movie bin at Walmart, and the $5-$10 racks at Hastings. You guys, they have some of the best movies. (I just bought Safe Haven for $3. You read that right. THREE DOLLARS. Props to Walmart.)
// My mouth absorbs any/every colored drink like nobody's business. It's the worst. Gross? Sorry.
// It's really hard for me to believe that octopus's--octopi (?) exist. Like, secretly I think they are made up... shh.
// I also didn't believe (still question it) for the longest time that Alaska was an island. I mean, I grew up seeing this map at school. How was I supposed to know it was connected? I also found out my Senior year of high school that it wasn't an island. I know. Super embarrassing. But whatevs.

// I am unexplainable clumsy. But, in such weird ways. And I mean it when I say it's unexplainable.
// I have come to hate snapchat. Shocker, because I used to love it! But--- when guys think it's okay to ask you on a date over a snap? Uh, no thanks. Be a man. Also, if you read the fine print... c-r-e-e-p-y. I still have it though... so...
// One day I would like to travel to every state in America and spend a week there. I've been to 11/ 50 so far . 
// I hate the dropping feeling... you know like when you go on the Rocket at Lagoon, or Tower of Terror? yeah. NO THANKS. I'd totally skydive though.
// I'm a total game player. Cards, board games, anything. Love it.

So, happy Saturday night to you, and if you read all of these. You rock.


  1. hahaha! this is sooo funny! especially alaska! I feel like I should go clarify that with my high school history students ASAP to save them the shock! haha!

    1. Right? haha To make it even worse, I found out when one of my friends said he was driving to Alaska with his family. I then told him good luck, because you can't drive across the ocean. This was while I was surrounded with a big group of people at lunch. I'm such an idiot. hahaha