L a t e l y

Is this not the most perfect bunch of grapes you've ever seen?
Not to mention they are DELICIOUS.

 All this basketball is making me impatient for March Madness.
And girl scout cookies.
Because they are one in the same.

Another birthday celebration, another cake.
Yes, I've had cake for breakfast, lunch, and a midnight snack
for over a week.

 I thought I lost this little gem the other day.
I about freaked.
But I found it ;)

I've also had a big kid capri sun everyday this week.
Thanks dad for buying a butt load!

And finally,
the daily horoscope app freaks me out.

Happy Monday!


  1. Did you watch the Super Bowl? I was so happy for Seattle. I lived there for about a decade so had to root for them, plus they were the under dog.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. I most definitely did watch the Super Bowl! I was happy for Seattle too. I'm not a huge football follower, but I felt like if the Broncos were going to be in it they should have put up a little bit of a fight! haha I was disappointed in the commercials this year though, and Bruno Mars rocked half time!
      I can't wait to check out your website!!