Useless Information

Since I'm pretty sure you are dying to know some random facts about me, 
I decided I'd give in and just tell ya. 
Okay, just kidding, but hey. 
I've had a list in my head all day.
So here goes.

// I hate that abbreviated words are in. Like presh, perf, obvs, totes, adorbs. All that lingo. Not for me. (Some people can pull off saying adorbs, but only few can.)
// My guilty pleasure song right now is Timber by Ke$ha. I really have no idea why I like it as much as I do.
// The sound of silverware scraping together or silverware scraping on teeth makes me cringe. Oh, I hate that noise.
// I wear sweats 95% of the time, and I don't feel bad about it at all.
// I eat like 6 meals a day. I'm hungry all the time.
// Singing and dancing in my kitchen also happens about 95% of the time.
// I always have hangnails. Why?!?
// I'm pretty sure that I was the cutest baby/little kid in the world. You guys. You should've seen me.
// My birthday is indeed the best day of the year.
// I believe in Santa 110%.
// I'm deathly afraid of natural disasters. I have nightmares about them all the time.
// I've got a schedule personality. Spur of the moment things are hard for me, although I love doing them.
// I absolutely love surprises.
// Back tickles put me in a coma. lovvve.
// TV bothers me. There are few shows that I can stand. While we're on this subject, is anyone else dying for Juan-uary to start?!
// I hate vanilla ice-cream, popcorn, water, bananas and vegetables. I know. I'm weird. I hear that a lot.
// I was born in Georgia, and consider my self southern blood. (even though I only lived there for six weeks. Don't judge.)
// My siblings are my very very VERY best friends. I've got 2 little brothers and a little sister.
// If my future husband wants an indoor dog, it will take a lot for him to convince me to get one. Our dog has ruined that for me. But, outside dogs are great.
// I'm the least smart person in my family. How did that happen?
// I can sleep through anything, anywhere, anytime, but if you woke me up, you'd think I was the lightest sleeper to ever live.
// I absolutely love handwritten letters. They are my favorite thing of all time.
// I'm also all about free crap. I mean, who isn't?
// I wish I could play the guitar. It's so charming.
// aanndd finally, I find the dumbest stuff funny. I laugh at everything.

Okay. I'm done.
And to end this little shindig, here's a random picture of me and a donkey.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. Cute blog! Excited to catch up on it :)

  2. Oh Jaymes... I love you!!! I'm so glad you're my girl! Thanks for bringing smiles and love to my life every day for the last (almost) 20 years!!! Love you :)