"The Why"

Lately I have been so grateful that missionaries have the opportunity to use Facebook .
Not only do I love that they can connect with so many other people,
 but I love how my feed is constantly filled with spiritually uplifting thoughts, 
challenges, and service. 

I feel like negativity has become more and more visible, and it makes me really sad. 
Sure, I hide people, or unfriend them so I'm not constantly seeing negative posts,
 but it's outweighing social media. I love the inspiring messages the missionaries share, 
and after thinking about this, I was reminded of a poem my very dear friend Lewis wrote. 

In his farewell talk, he was confident, excited, and more than ready to serve the Lord in Croatia. 
The spirit was very strong, and I smiled the entire time. He then shared his poem, 
and it hit me so hard. Tears were shed, and I knew I had to keep a copy of it.

Now I want to share it with you, in hopes that it might affect you in some way.
We all should strive to be missionaries, and bring hope into the lives around us.
In touching just one life, we have the power to touch many.

The Why
By Lewis Sheridan

Priesthood service is one of God's greatest gifts.
It gives us the chance to lead the lost and to lift.
Brothers and sisters bring God's flag of truth unfurled,
so that the Priesthood can bless every soul of the world.
The power of God to bless, comfort and heal,
if only I could express in words how grateful I feel.
I'll use this power and listen to my heart,
to find one lost brother who's wondering where thou art.
Although some will not listen and I'll try and I'll try,
If only they could understand Christ's sacrifice and remember the why.

I am beyond grateful to have so many worth, inspiring, missionary friends in my life!
Through letters, Facebook posts, and emails,
they affect my life everyday. 

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