Happy Love Day!
I hope you're all getting spoiled rotten!!

As for me, I got some lovely chocolate covered strawberries
 from my momma, lots of sweets and pop from my dad,
 (wrapped in tin foil might I add. I wish I had taken a picture!
best wrapping I have ever recieved. haha), and chocolates from my
wonderful boss! I also gave Valentine's to all my family. :)

I'm celebrating at work, selling the cutest darn outfits for all of the ladies' dates tonight.

So naturally...

But I'm all for an excuse to wear red/pink ONE more time this week.
And, I may or may not have gotten a little crafty with my lips.
Yeah right! In an artsy way, okay?

My lips are indeed stained the wonderful color of redpinkpurple.
But whatevs.

Also, if you're waiting for tonight to give your Valentine's gift(s) out,
check out these adorable (free) tags by Cheyenne Lyons Design!

(This picture does NOT do justice!)

Cheyenne makes some of the cutest and unique designs/prints ever.
So print them out and use 'em up!
While you're at it, check out her Etsy shop here. You won't be disappointed!
She's got some amazing spring ones up!
I also went ahead and ordered this gem a couple days ago...

Told ya. The best.

And what better way to start off Valentines than to watch Valentine's Day, in pink jammies,
eating chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate milk at 1 in the morning?

And if you feel so inclined, I've been listening to this playlist all day.
Why not, right?

Also, for some reason I feel like Valentines should always be on a Thursday...
but it's Friday and it's weird.

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Hahaha, I love the signature at the end of this post. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. haha thank you!! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

  2. Chocolate covered strawberries make valentines day PERFECT! And that Dwight meme is my fave :) have belated v day friend :))

    1. Oh my, they really do! They are delicious. The dwight meme cracks me up. Haha happy belated valentines to you too!! :)

  3. I love your blog! I would love to feature you on my blog for my I Am a Mormon Monday series. If you are interested, please email me for more details.

    1. Thanks so much! Oh, I would love that! I'll shoot ya an email :)