Love Yourself

As I am sitting here at work,
 I came across these short videos that really touched me.
 I think that every girl / woman should hear this, 
and find beauty in what they are and how they look.

Love yourself physically,

And love yourself spiritually.

The happiest of Monday's to you!


  1. that photoshopping video is amazing. every girl/women should watch it. it is so hard to have a healthy relationship with self image while we are constantly being bombarded with falsities of what what we should look like, and what the perfect woman looks like. and the crazy part? those women don't even exist? they're creations of computer applications... and on that note, that is an absolutely gorgeous picture of you.

    oh, and i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a button swap? no pressure of course, i just love your blog and would love to show it off on my side bar. have a good day, miss!

    1. I know! It's so sad that society creates expectations for unreal things. It's awful. Thank you! You're so sweet.
      I would LOVE to swap buttons with you!! I'll put yours up right now! You're the best :)