Hello New York City!

New York City.
The Big Apple.
The Great NYC.

 H U G E.

I felt like I knew what to expect when I first stepped foot into the city life.
You see it on movies all the time and in pictures.
But surprisingly, it was not what I expected!
It took me a little while to really feel the heart pounding love everyone describes.
Once I felt it though, I really felt it. 

The day started out with a delayed train.
I had never ridden a train before, and I was surprised by the fact that 
train stations and airports are extremely similar.
We boarded, and Mr. Train Man called for our tickets. 
That doesn't just happen in movies folks.
It was about a three hour train ride from Albany to NYC,
and the tracks followed the Hudson River almost the entire way. 

I followed along as Jess navigated our way through the station and out into the city.
We walked up the stairs and out, and BOOM!
Skyscrapers. Everywhere. 

We walked past Macy's and their glittery Believe sign,
picked up some delicious cinnamon covered almonds,
and headed to the tour bus.

We hopped on board and the tour began.
Then we realized we were on the wrong bus. 
So we hopped off and started all over again.

A tour bus sounds pretty fun, right?
And it was! Except it was -1000 degrees and windy.
It was supposed to last two hours.
We were on for three and a half. 
In -1000 degree weather.

BUT- we got to see absolutely everything!
And it was incredible!

We hopped off and headed to Rockefeller to see the giant ornaments,
the light show on the building, and
the TREE!
Talk about breathtaking!

We then payed a ridiculous $10 for the best crappy hot dog I've ever eaten
and headed off souvenir shopping.

The day ended in Time Square where the whole place
was illuminated by the giant signs.
It really was so amazing, and something you just can't quite describe.
I look forward to coming back someday when it's warm!

So basically what I'm trying to say is,
 I  NY.

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