A Visit to Vermont

Right now I am in New York visiting my best friend Jess, her sister, brother-in-law, and their little twins. 
So fun, right?!
 And today we drove to Vermont to take a little stroll.
 When Jess was telling me about it, she described it as Christmas village in real life.
 You know, the little buildings you put out as Christmas decorations?
 I couldn't really picture how that could come to life, but let me tell ya.
 That's exactly what it was.
The cutest little streets with Christmas decorations filling the windows, garlands around every pole, 
Happy Holiday signs on every corner, and fun Christmas trees in a little park area. 
Not to mention the gorgeous old buildings! So timeless.
It was such a charming little town, and I loved it soo much!

 The Village Chocolate Shoppe was an absolute heaven. 
The smell about put you in a chocolate coma, and they were delicious!!
 Not to mention they had two 100 pound chocolate moose..mooses..moosen..?
 Anyway, cutest little chocolate shop I have ever been to.

 And of course, it was all on Main Street! 
Perfect, right?!

 Seriously, everyone needs to visit the little town of Bennington once in their life. 
So cute!!

'Tis the season! 

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  1. I'm so glad you're there and getting to experience the beauty of the area! It truly sounds like a true Christmas village. I would love it!