2012 Recap

I know I'm like, seven days late, so just move on from that fact and recap the last year with me!
So many wonderful things happened, and it's easy to say that 2012 was extremely good to me. I couldn't have asked for a better year. A lot happened, and life has continued to move on without slowing down!
Here's a list of the year's highlights (I tried to do them in order, but I know I messed up in there somewhere) :
1: I turned 18! Not only was it the best day of the year, like always, but I got to spend my birthday with one of my most dearest friends. We danced the night away! Plus, my dad gave me a huge bouquet of flowers at the dance. He's kind of the best.
2: I graduated from Seminary. What up! At the graduation three of my best friends and I got randomly chosen to bear our testimonies. It was an unusually neat experience and it made me so grateful to have the friends that I do! I may not have many, but I have the best. AND... there was a lunar eclipse that day. Or a solar eclipse... anyway, there was an eclipse.
3: I graduated from the wonderful/not-so-wonderful high school. Talk about weird! At the time I didn't feel old enough to do that, but now I definitely don't feel that way. Not only did I graduate, but I ended my Student Government career with a bang, and had to give a speech. Something I am particularly proud of. ;) That's one day I will never forget!
4: For my senior trip, I decided to have my family tag along with me, and we went to the wonderful world of South Carolina. When I would tell people where I had chosen to go, I would always get such strange looks, but let me tell you. It is the greatest place ever. I crave it all the time. SC stole my heart.
5: I sent out some of the most incredible young men around the world on missions! Those were events full of mixed emotions. Not to mention, the other half got their calls. I'm so proud of all of them and I love them all more than anything!!
6: One thing you should know about me is that "where I come from, it's cornbread and chicken." Yes, I am from the lands of the south, good 'ole Georgia. One of my bucket list items had been to go back there and see where it all began, and I was fortunate enough to go this past summer! It was incredible. Southern Belle right here. ;)
7: My family and I got to go to the Brigham City Temple open house. I have never been surrounded by so much beauty physically and emotionally. I'm so blessed to be a part of such an incredible gospel and an eternal family!
8: In the fall I started college, and here is where I fell in love with Institute. I've said it before, but Seminary/Institute has changed my life, and I can't describe how grateful I am that I have the opportunity to go!
9: I did indeed meet the one and only, Andy Grammer. WHOO. What an experience that was. I took my best friend Jess with me and created one of the most exciting memories ever! What a man.
10: My brother Hunter earned his Eagle Scout rank! I am extremely proud of him for accomplishing his goal to get it before he turned 14. He is one of the most incredible boys I've ever known.
11: Little Baby P was born! My almost nephew as I like to calm him. He's one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen. Good work to his parents!
12: I met one incredible guy! He's basically one of the sweetest people I have known, and he has been such a blessing! I lucked out somehow... :)
13: Long lost cousin Cletus visited us from the South. Sure did miss that creepy man!
14: Every year my extended family gets together and does a Christmas service project, and this year we put together a little production of the Nativity for a retirement home! It was such a great experience, and makes me happy that I have the best family ever.
15: Jess and I had some great adventures, which included getting her car stuck in the snow and one of my favorite best friend times ever.
16: Christmas was one of the best I've ever had! There are too many details to go into that, but I'm sure one blessed girl.
17: My cousin came home from his mission in Hawaii! That included a road trip, tons of food, and a loud, laughing family. It was so great to see him again and see what an incredible man he has become!
 Some things I didn't have pictures for:
18: I received my Young Womanhood Medallion at my birthday! A little late I know, but at least I got it!
19: Both my Grandma and Grandpa went into remission from cancer this year! Prayer is the greatest thing.
20: I gained the nickname of "The Funeral Crasher" and I'm not even going to explain that one. haha

2012, it was real, it was fun, but I'm so excited to see what 2013 brings!

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