To The Interested

If you are curious about whether or not I have learned anything at school yet, here is the beginning of my list of random things I have taken note of thus far.

> When walking past a building with mirror like windows, be sure to keep walking.  If you stop to fix your hair, check to make sure your outfit still looks okay, or surprise yourself because you really like the shirt you saw a girl wearing in your peripheral vision and realize it is yours, you will be laughed at.  There are people on the other side of those windows watching you.  But hey, if that doesn't bother you, by all means, use those mirrors to their potential!

> If you have a night class and decide to wait on a bench outside because you have a half hour until it starts, you will be one of very few.  This is a great advantage to night classes.  Perfect temperature, pretty campus, quiet atmosphere to think or study, why wouldn't you enjoy that?  With this comes the occasional person that walks by.  They most likely will look at you if not stare at you as they walk by.  Awkward? Sometimes, unless it's a super attractive college male who stops to talk to you about something completely unimportant like whether or not it looks foggy outside. (I was sick, and let me tell ya, I felt a WHOLE lot better after that little conversation.)

> College boys are more likely to come out and say that they do some things only to get a girls attention.  In high school it was because it was "cool".  Now we finally get the truth... (This is the case in my Communications class anyway.. I swear, the only reason they do anything is to get a girl! Funny boys.)

> Plain and simple, some boys are creepy.  How do I give them the hint that I'm not interested?..

> Be careful about which cars you lust over in the parking lot.  They might just be your Institute Teacher's and then you might hear in a lesson that you shouldn't lust over things others have. (Slide down in your chair moment, yeah?)

On a more important note...

> You shouldn't be so quick to judge.  I didn' think think I was one to judge very much, but boy was I wrong.  It wasn't intentionally.  It's natural sometimes, but I've been wrong every time.  That's something I'm consciously working on.  Everyone has a story, a reason, a background, and so do I. 

> Institute was probably the best decision I've made so far.  I feel sad for the people who aren't taking it.  It is the perfect place to relieve stress, sadness, or to be happy at.  I have learned so much and have already grown spiritually in multiple ways, and it's only week four!  When people say it's Seminary on steroids, they aren't kidding!  It has helped me with so much already, and it's the one class I'm so excited for every week.

> To go along with the one above, prayers are answered.  They can come in all ways.  Just keep your faith in the Lord and all things will work out how they are supposed to.

College is great. :) This list will most likely be continued at some point in the future.

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  1. I freakin' love this post Lexa. It absolutely made my day. And all of it is so true! Keep Smiling!