To My Fellow Bucketlisters

Sometimes I tend to get overly excited about things.  I can't help it.  It's just who I am. I also have a bucketlist, as do many others.  I've noticed though, that not a lot of events get checked off which is kind of depressing.  It makes it more like a dream-that's-never-going-to-come-true-list.  Anyway, today marked the day for my first item to be checked off.  Woo hoo! Did I / am I still freaking out?  Uh, yeah.  This item happened to be "Meet someone famous."  Now, I know that to some this has already happened, or continues to happen, but for me?  Not until now.  I need to back up a little bit though and tell you how this all panned out.  I have the magic touch on winning radio contests.  I don't know why I got blessed with this gift, but I'm not complaining. (My dad also has this lovely talent).  So, as I am browsing the web one evening at the beginning of the week, I click on my favorite radio station's website.  Skimming over uninteresting news, I notice the 'contest' button. Sure, why not?  As the page loaded, a certain contest caught my eye.  An up close and personal performance with Andy Grammer.  Might as well enter.  
 I come home from an extremely long day at school, plop down on the couch, and open up my laptop.  *Note: I hadn't felt well for a week, so school wasn't the most pleasant experience. As it turns on, I automatically check my email; it's just habit to check that first for whatever reason.  I'm scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest notifications when all of the sudden I see the words, "CONGRATULATIONS! You're a winner!"  Excitedly I click to open the email up.  Low and behold, I had won the tickets to this private concert of 40 people.  As I am repeatingly telling my family, I decide to watch the previous year's concert.  This made me want to go right then.  He sounded good, looked good, and even better... they got to meet him. So I continue to research what this was-- Wait.. what? I'M GOING TO MEET HIM?!  I immediately invite my best friend to go with me (even though she didn't know who he was, and my poor brothers and sister were pretty upset I didn't invite them instead), and the adventure began.   
   She drove to my house, and after fixing a flat tire, we ended up just taking her car instead of mine. (Good thing my awesome dad taught me how to fix a flat tire a month ago).  We told Margrett -- her awesome iPhone's GPS -- where to go, and she directed us there awesomely.  We may or may not have been an hour early, but sometimes you just don't know how long it's going to take to get there.  We pull up, wait in the car forever, then decide to head in.  We were the first people there, so we patiently waited for the rest of the winners to arrive.  To our surprise, we got fed the most delicious pizza and breadsticks, with complimentary coke products. *This is all free by the way. Bonus!* They then announce that we may start heading into the Coca-Cola Lounge where the concert would be performed.  As we are waiting with anticipation, the announce Andy Grammer and out he walks.  This extremely attractive, dark haired, tan man.  *Tall, dark and handsome does exsist!!  
He picks up his guitar, and I had already lost it inside. He was INCREDIBLE. He is one of few that sounds better live than recorded.  Not only was he so good, he was super funny, and he kept looking at me and my best friend. (Or maybe we just wanted him to so it seemed like he did. No.. he looked at us.) People got to ask him questions and he told us funny stories as well as sing us some fantastic songs.  When this was finished, we got to take pictures with him.  When it was our turn to go up there, he gave me a huge hug, which I took full advantage of, then said to me "Well hey sweetie! I'm so glad you guys got to come!" Yeah. I about died. Plus he smelled amazing. He then gave Jess a hug and we proceded to take the picture. Walking out, my whole body was shaking from excitement.  That was the best moment of my life.    
So, to all my bucketlisters out there who feel they aren't making any progress on checking those suckers off, don't you worry.  It'll happen.

 *Side note. If you are wanting a good movie to see, I highly recommend "The Strange Life of Timothy Green". It's really good.

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