Eagle Scout Supporters

We all like the Eagle Scouts of America, right? Well, here's one I love just a little bit more than the rest.  My brother Hunter is striving to reach this goal before his 14th birthday.  That means he has got about 27 days, so your help would be more than appreciated!  Here's his spill.

        "Hello brothers and sisters! Mi nombre es Hunter. In order to earn my Eagle rank, I must complete a project that helps a community through service. I chose to collect and donate children's books to a Navajo Native American Reservation in Arizona called the "Teec Nos Pos Navajo Chapter!" Their library needs english books for little kids to learn the english language. My great aunt Zana is my supervisor because she is a Navajo Native!! The only way the kids will learn is if you guys help me out. I need help collecting my books! If you or any of your friends or family have toddler-age books that you don't need or want, CALL ALEXA. She will tell me, and I can get your books! I am mostly looking for books that a 3 year old to a 6 year old can learn to read. That is like Dr. Suess books! Anything you've got, I'll take it. You have until October 7 to get those books!!Thank you so much for the support!!! This is Hunter, signing out. Back to you, Lexa!"

There he is. One of the greatest brothers on the planet! He is so awesome!!
We would love to see him reach his goal, so any donation would be great!
Help a brotha out.

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