Big News + An Update

Okay, okay. Most everyone knows this little (big) announcement of mine, but to all the lovely people who don't... 

AHH! I can't even begin to explain how excited/nervous/anxious I am! As of right now, I'm half way through my papers. So hopefully within the next couple weeks I can get those wrapped up and off to Salt Lake! Don't worry, a whole separate post/blog is coming just for this. So the story will come later. 
But for real. I need advice people. All you RM's out there. Help a sista out! 

As for my update.
Nothing too exciting has happened. Except for the fact that this summer weather is uh-mazing. 
And my blog got a new do.
But anyways, here's the past couple weeks via my phone pictchas. 

^^ Memorial Day camping at Grandma Dixie and Grandpa RJ's! ^^

^^ The Wedding Crew ^^

^^ This was taken up by Oakley on our way home from the wedding. Gorgeous right? ^^

^^ My cute brother took me on a date the other night! He's the best. ^^

^^ First snow cone of the season! Pina Colado for lliiffee. ^^

^^ Cute little birds nest in my tree! Except for the dang things keep eating our strawberries. ^^

^^Ignore my lovely looks, but I'm tellin ya. It's hard to pull a teenage boy on a long board and take a picture at the same time! ^^

^^ Came across this beauty just chillin in the high school parking lot up the street. I NEED IT. ^^

Hope everyone had a super awesome Wednesday! 


  1. congrats on deciding to serve a mission!!! that's super exciting! looks like you've been having a fun summer so far :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am so excited, and beyond ready to find out where I'll be serving!