Confessional Friday

1 // Sometimes when it's slow at work, I go outside and sit in the sun while I wait for people to come... Gotta tan up those white legs sometime, right?!

2 // Hi, I'm Alexa, and I'm addicted to social media. Hi Alexa. For real though. I try SO HARD to cut back, and then next thing ya know, I'm on it and I don't even realized I got on. Once again, curse slow work days, and curse the creators of Insta, FB, and Twitter. But not really... because I love them, but I hate them...

3 // I am the worst money saver ever. Concerts, movies, treats, clothes... don't even get me started on sale racks... you guys. I'm awful at it! I need help.

4 // I want a baby goat. 

5 // I need more bonfires in my life. They are one of the only things that can clear my mind completely!

Happy Friday! And thanks for the link up Leslie!


  1. i love the sun days, wish I could go out side and work too :)
    New Follower from Leslie's link up

  2. Ah! I just have to soak it all in when I get the chance! So glad you stopped on by!! :)