S T . G E O R G E

First and foremost, go check out Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl for her weekly I am A Mormon Monday series.
Although I think you should read these every week.... I'm especially excited about this one, because it's ME!
I was thrilled when Kimberly asked me to be a part of it, and I have looked forward to it for a little while now! (I know, it's Tuesday... but I was hiking all day!)


S T . G E O R G E

Welcome to Utah where one day it's 72* and the next it's a blizzard.
Needless to say, I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while!
Since it's spring break for the kids, we decided to go down to
 Zions since none of us have been there before.

Oh. my. gorgeous.

I don't know why it's taken me twenty years to get down here, but I'm so glad I finally made it!
We ended up on this hike that took us to a hidden canyon, and it was incredible.
It was harder than anticipated, but oh so worth it.
I'm definitely out of hiking shape, so it kicked my butt!

That lime green kills me. GOR-GEOUS.

It has seriously been the greatest trip.
Just wish Cade could have been here with us!
We're trying to convince my dad to stay one more day...

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  1. Zion is beautiful! Glad you guys made the trip and the hikes. Gfreat blog. Keep up the good work and remember to study your scriptures. Jeff Cullison