Oscar Favorites

Ah, the Oscars.
One day, I'd like to go and be apart of all the hype.
And get all dolled up.
But for now...
Here are my favorites!

Julia Roberts. Stunning, as always. I love the ruffle at the waistline. 

Emma Watson. That metallic top is killer.

Penelope Cruz. I love the flow of this dress and the accent of the black bow belt!

Ireland Baldwin.. This dress is so unique, and this color red?! Absolutely love.

Sandra Bullock. The crossed fabric on this dress is gorgeous, and so are her curves in this!

Giuliana Rancic. I love the detailed top and flow of the bottom. Plus this color is amazing.

Brooke Anderson. The royal blue and lace detail are gorgeous.

Maria Menounos. Is this dress not incredible?! 

Olga Kurylenko. Love the red and one shoulder embellishment!

Naomi Watts. The white is stunning, and the modesty of this dress is so elegent.

Jennifer Garner. I love this long silver flapper! Super classy.

Kerry Washington. This grey-plum dress is gorgeous with her pregnant bod! 

So many stunning and elegant ladies tonight! 
Who were your faves?

 the fact that Jennifer Lawrence fell for the second time tonight?
Priceless. haha Oh J-Law.
And Meryl Streep shimmying with Pharell,
reason #104 why I love her.
Plus, you can never go wrong with Ellen and all her wardrobe changes.
And all the Oscar selfies are just too great.

Happy Oscar's! 


  1. Such great picks! Emma Watson and Kerri Washington can never go wrong :)
    xo TJ

    1. I love love Emma. There were soo many gorgeous gowns to choose from!