Oh, How I Miss High School Dances

I may or may not have tried to get one of my brothers friends to ask me...
But none of those little nerds did. 

That's okay I guess. 
I'm too old anyway. ;)

This was Cade's first time going to prom, 
and he looked soo handsome!

Not to mention his date was STUNNING.
Gorgeous couple, right?!

They took a hummer limo (ridiculously cool)
and headed out to dinner with all 9 couples in their group.
And of course, the dance was Gatsby themed.
I mean, how awesome is that?


So here's a throwback to my last prom!
And yes, all the boys in my group of like 20 couples rented
a ginormous bus, with cushy seats and tv's playing
cartoons. Talk about legit. ;)
This was also the night I ate my first chicken heart.
Never again... never. again.

And also, just because I love it so much,
here's a couple dance clips from Winterball,
which happened to be on my birthday my senior year.
(I'm the one in the red dress, awkwardly trying to dance haha)

And because we love all the awkward flower part.
And beware. Mine is super awkward.
Because I have a super awkward fam.
But whatevs, it's hilarious.

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