S o m e t i m e s

Sometimes memories hurt.
Sometimes it's okay to lock yourself in your room where you don't have to be brave.
Sometimes it's okay to cry, because with every tear comes strength.
Sometimes things don't work.
Sometimes life presents unexpected detours.
Sometimes we let our minds wander through the unknown.
Sometimes soaking in the tub is the best escape.
Sometimes it's okay to not know where to take the next step.
Sometimes you just have to pick up that guitar, or plunk away at those ivory keys.
Sometimes it's okay to take a day off.
Sometimes you have to pull your family close. Closer than you ever have.
Sometimes you have to count your blessings. Every single one.
Sometimes you have to remember that the atonement of Jesus Christ heals all things.
Sometimes you have to remember that you are strong. 
Sometimes you are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gospel. It's the safest place to be.
Sometimes an extra long prayer is okay, necessary, and long over due.
Sometimes you have to be grateful for everything, even if it's hard and you don't know why yet.
Sometimes you have to remind yourself that even on the darkest night, the sun will rise.
a n d
Sometimes the best way to let go of anger is to love.