August Hopes
// Bliss
// Simplicity 
// Adventure
// Treasure
// Inspiration
// Love
// Excitement

>>Now, I have all these things already, but August is such an inspiring month.<<

We are left drifting in between incandescent rays of summer and outstretched thoughts of burnt orange and crisp red. You stick your hand out the car window and turn to see golden corn stocks stretched tall.. Those summer nights begin to have a whisper of fall, and you spend every waking minute soaking up the moments of an explainable bliss. Summer is quickly approaching to an end, but  the enchantment of a golden autumn is beginning to send anticipation through your veins. Although the leaves stay the same, and the air is full of warmth, the hope of Fall is unbelievably beautiful. 
This life is a delightful journey.

With Love,

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