w e d n e s d a y

>> Today is officially the start of my weekend. Hallelujah.
<< My family has been watching hilarious vine videos for 3+ hours. I should have a 6 pack.
<< I'm a terrible blogger. My apologies. I'm still alive, and my life is awesome.
>> I get to shower my "almost" sister-in-law to be tonight! SO EXCITED!! 
<< I still need to get the rest of her gift... whoops!
>> I'm rocking the perm today. You can't beat a 2 minute hair do.
>> I really want a pedicure.
<< My twelve year old sister is wearing my shirt. What the heck? Good thing she's cute!
>> I love getting letters in the mail.
<< Spotify has got to be the best thing ever invented. Seriously, that person should be awarded.
>> Tomorrow I have a hot date.. and I'm in charge. AH!
<< July is hands down my favorite.
>> My life ROCKS.


I hope everyone's July is as good as mine has been!