People and Meaning

*Fair warning, this is a long post, so brace yourselves.

Life has a way of bringing people together for simply significant reasons and in mysterious ways. One cannot simply define the emotions of an everyday heart, but it's sure an adventure worth living for. Being constantly surrounded by people is an interesting side story to any situation. One simply doesn't know who will come in or out of a life, and the amount of impact they will have, but no matter who it is, it's important and so are they. 

The first person I want to recognize is a woman of compassion, beauty, dedication, love, and amazement. Although I have known her forever, she was sent into my life to teach me so many things. 
My beautiful mom is one of the most incredible people I've ever known. There are no words to possibly explain the impact she has had on me. I look up to her in so many ways, and she continues to make my love for her grow. The relationship between a mother and daughter is one of the most outstanding things ever created. We may view things differently, or have bumps along the way, but she's one of very few that I know will love me forever and ever no matter what. Differences and arguments don't change the love I feel for her, in fact, they make me love her even more because I know we'll shortly be laughing at the other person laughing. If you don't know my mom, you're missing out. She's incredible. Happy Birthday to her a couple weeks ago! 

Next is a situation where I'm grateful for people with educations and their willingness to engage themselves in what they are good at. (Even if the situation sucks...) Lucky me got my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago. I had told people that I was going to be that one person who has the worst experience with it, and that I would be the story that made people nervous to get theirs out. I decided I should stop saying what I think when it involves situations like that, because they tend to come true. It was the worst week (still going, but thank heavens it's getting better) of my life. If you know me, I'm a walking mystery in the health aspect of life, and long story short, my body decided to throw everything at me at once on the day I got them out. So, to anyone getting theirs out in the near future, I wish you the best of luck and I hope it's a more pleasant experience than mine. I am, however, grateful for such a concerned and friendly Oral Surgeon. 

Sometimes it's not just one person who impacts your life, but a group of individuals. I have a deep love for surprises. Sometimes I can be a tricky one to surprise though. I tend to guess, and I am a very good guesser. This past week however, I was surprised, and clueless. My birthday is coming up, tomorrow in fact, and my sweet best friend invited me over to her house. Little did I know that I was in for the most exciting news ever. Her and her family surprised me with a trip to Hawaii! The entire family is going, and somehow I got invited along with them! I was seriously holding back tears all night. I'm counting down the days, and I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for every single person in that family. They all have become so near and dear to my heart, and they have helped me in ways that are unexplainable. They have adopted me into their family, and I will forever feel so blessed to have them in my life. 

Do you ever stop and wonder how a friendship started? One that has lasted a life time? I have grown up with one of the most amazing boys, and had to part ways after 14 years. A mission is such a bittersweet event. I wouldn't have the situation any other way, but saying goodbye for two years is such a hard thing to do. He has been there for me through the thick and thin, and has always been one to care about me very openly. I have cherished the time we spent together, and look forward to the day he comes home. He's been a huge blessing in my life, and I'm so excited for him to bless the lives of so many others.

Last but not least, there are the people who enter our lives as strangers, and grow to become someone extremely dear to our hearts. Someone who has a new outlook on the world. Someone who shows you how endearing life can be. I've been blessed with one of these people. I've come to know someone who I never knew even existed. Someone who has seen me for who I am and treated me in a way I thought only true in movies. Someone who has replaced fear with confidence. Someone who is different than many of the people I know, and what a mark he has left on my life. My eyes have been opened to something beautiful and mysterious, and I could never express my gratitude I have for that. There aren't many people who can show you a new perspective on a life you thought was already amazing. I'll forever be grateful and have him dear to my heart.

Life is an amazing journey. I definitely can't complain about my adventure thus far. I'm beyond blessed and I wish I could share my love and happiness to all those who lack it. I hope we all can find the positive in our life even when things get tough. "Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise." 

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