Dear Elder

Not only has this summer been the beginning of many changes, it has been the summer of many goodbyes.  Not really goodbyes, but more like see you later's.  While some friends have moved away to go to school, the majority of my closest friends are being dispersed among the world to teach the gospel.   Now, don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't want it any other way!  The fact that they have chosen to serve missions is the thing I love the very most about them.  It just brings a lot of emotion with it.  Thank goodness we have a mail system though, right?

As I write this post, I do it with teary eyes and an emotion I can't even begin to explain.  Today I said see you later to a friend that has been there with me through so much for a little over five years. I'm more than happy to send him off, but it's so weird to think he won't be right down the street from me anymore. 

So, to Elder P., Elder F., Elder H., Elder K., and all the Elders around the world,
Thank you for making the choice to serve in the gospel and become and instrument in the Lord's hands.  Thank you for being examples and sharing your testimony to those who need it the most.  You will be so blessed, just like the people you are teaching. Now, specifically to Elder P.  Thank you for the memories and dear friendship. I'm so proud of you for your decision! A lot will have changed by the time you get home, but you'll always be one of my greatest friends.  You're in my prayers, and we'll see you in two. :)

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