Another Update

Man! I have really been slacking on this poor little blog of mine... but I guess that's okay, because this update is E X C I T I N G!

This week has been good to me. Actually, it's been so much better than good to me! 

It all started Wednesday when I checked the mail. I had been watching out the window for a good.. I don't know.. half hour... Waiting for the mailman. My mission call had been assigned, and it was coming that day! Finally, after what seemed like forever the mail came, and I hurried over to open the box and see the beloved white envelope sitting there. 

I painfully waited a whole day to open it. After what felt like an eternity, Thursday night rolled around and I was so excited/nervous to open that dang thing!  Actually, I was so nervous that I didn't even want to open it anymore. haha aanndd every time I watch the video of me opening it I get just as nervous even though I know I'm going to TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA! wooohoooo!! 

Seriously. Words can't even describe my excitement! I leave October 22 (um... 50 days people...) and I'll be preachin it up in English! My mission covers four states: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama! My little southern heart is just pumpin hard! 

I have spent wwaayy too much time on the internet researching the FTM mission! But hey! That's what the internet is for right?!

Friday night we headed up to my Aunt and Uncles property to spend the night, which is always a good time.

Saturday I saw my man Keith Urban and freaking died. I LOVE HIM. We were clear in the back on the top of the grass hill. All the sudden he announces that he's coming back there and my cousins and I booked it to the little stage set up! We got SO CLOSE! I'm in love.

Sunday we hiked up to Ensign Peak to look over the beautiful Salt Lake Valley, and then played games with the cousins. I may or may not have eaten 14 pumpkin cookies with cream cheese.

And today I was able to kick up my mission blog, Sunshine In My Soul! SO excited! My dad's also taking me mission shopping.

 It's been a very happy Labor Day Weekend!

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