May May May

Where did April go? Time needs to slow down jjuusstt a little bit. I feel like I can't keep up!
To start, let me just say that my luck with radio contests is phenomenal. I get it from my dad. I won a contest to meet Ingrid Michaelson and to have a private performance! Not only that, but we ended up being V.I.P. guests. Wwhhaaattt! Front row, gifts, and just pure awesomeness. So I took my friend Jess, and April went out with a bang. 

Check out the performance H E R E .

My brother and I brought in May Day with some Ellie Goulding. I mean, what better way to celebrate a new month, right?! I got tickets for my birthday last year and thought it was the greatest concert ever, then I got tickets again this year, and the concert was 100 times better! I was speechless at how incredible it was! Biggest girl crush alert right there. I could go to her show over and over again. And let's talk about her hair. I WANT IT. And she did the running man. Freaking yes.

I've been L O V I N G this warm sunshine weather. Like, I can't get enough of it. I've been trying to soak it all in! I spent Friday afternoon out in the yard with my dad and it felt amazing! Later that night we had a little adventure and walked through car lots. Is that allowed? Then we got Chili's chips and salsa and watched Remember the Titans!

Watch the whole thing... it starts out slow, but I promise you'll giggle in the middle!

Look at this cute pup!

And look at these pansies!! 

Not just towed... CRUSHED AND MELTED. 

To finish the weekend off, I've been hanging out with my mom! Perms, Pretty in Pink, New Years Eve, Rock of Ages and My Best Friend's Wedding. Plus the best salsa chicken ever. 

May is off to a pretty good start! Let's just hope it doesn't go by too fast!!

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