The Friday Five

{ o n e }

For the sweet love of red shoes, if I could make these match my outfit 
every single day, you better believe they'd be on my feet 24-7.

{ t w o }

This sunshine is k i l l i n g me! So much happiness over here. 
The warmth changes my mood like nobody's business. 
(Sorry fam for the ornery winter self. I just need sun.)

{ t h r e e }

I have been on such  a sweets/chocolate kick lately. It's really bad.
 I may or may not have gone to Sees Candy 3 times this week... I couldn't help it okay?! 
Also, Zupas brownies? Let's talk about heaven for your taste buds. 
(This one is Rocky Road)

{ f o u r }

As much as I love my new hair, I can't for the life of my style it. At all. 
It's a real problem. So I've resulted in putting it in a ponytail 
(an itty bitty bunny tail looking pony) 
or doing it curly with what's left of my perm from forever ago. 
H e l p.

{ f i v e }

I keep bringing little blue bags home from the darn boutique I work at. 
Gah. Bye Bye paycheck. Getting payed in clothes is okay... right?

Happiest of Fridays to ya!
Thanks for the link up Chrisina and other pretty ladies!

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