T i t a n i c

Oh, how my heart swells watching this movie.
The ache in the pit of my stomach I get when Rose begins the movie with flashbacks.
The sadness that overcomes me when I realize, again, that this really happened.
The anger I feel as peoples social class determines life and death.
The overwhelming feeling of wanting to reach through the TV and hug the captain.
Oh how I want to reach through and grab every little child and hold them in my arms.
The old couple laying in bed together, preparing to die in each others arms.
The violinist who begins playing Nearer My God To Thee in the midst of chaos.
The courage of those musicians to try to bring a calming emotion in a moment of terror.
And the love between Jack and Rose.  

Ahh... Jack and Rose.
The moment Jack's hand slips off of Rose's in the water.
And the moment they find each other again.
The moment Rose tries to wake Jack, but he's in an eternal sleep.
How hard it must have been for the men on the boats to paddle through an ocean of dead bodies.
The moment that Rose gives her last name as Dawson.
The fact that she keeps her promise and lives to be an old lady.
And that she has kept the heart of the ocean all her life, and finally lets it go,
and peacefully passes away warm in her bed, and returns to Jack.

Let's talk about a constant stream of tears for a few hours, yeah?
But oh so worth it to me.

What a tragic event in history.
It seriously kills me that such awful things happen in the world sometimes.

PS- the soundtrack for this movie? Soo good. 
And I'm pretty sure Leonardo and Kate should just get married in real life.


  1. The sound track really is the best!! I honestly don't know if I've ever watched this movie all the way through.... but I got chills reading your post! It's easy to get caught up in the emotion of the movie, but then to realize that this truly was someone's story? That this ship actually sunk and too many lost their lives? Heart breaking!

    1. Ah! you have to watch it start to finish! it is so good! And every time I hear a song off the sound track my heart swells haha It really is so heartbreaking. I can't even imagine the fear those people had, and how sad there loved ones back home had to of been.