Rewind and Fast Forward

 I need to rewind a little bit to catch up on what's been happening up until this point!

We celebrated both Caden and Hunter's birthdays. Cade turned the big 1-6 (which is super weird..), and Si turned 14.  I love that their birthdays are only six days apart, because that means double the cake for me! 

 If you read my earlier post about the eagle project that Hunter was doing, he accomplished it! His goal was to get his Eagle before his fourteenth birthday. He collected books for the Navajo Native American Reservation in Arizona called the "Teec Nos Pos Chapter".  He got a little over two thousand books, then he and my dad took a little road trip down there with our Aunt Zana is a full blood Navajo and such a great help to give the books to the children's library. My little brother is the best, and I'm so proud of him. He did such an awesome job and definitely earned his rank as an Eagle!

Of course, we carved pumpkins for Halloween. I attempted to carve the Joker, which did not turn out. Caden carved the Assassins Creed symbol. Hunter carved Iron man, and Ally carved the word mustache. I'm not really sure why, but she was proud of it. :)
I also was apart of the annual "Godfrey Hallow" with my best friend and her family. It's always an interesting/super fun experience. It was followed by the most delicious Navajo Tacos known to man and a bunch of laughs. 

Cade went on his first date and to his first dance with the cute neighbor girl! 
He looks like such a man in the picture on the right. He's getting too big.
Congratulations to all of the newly called Elders recently. I had six friends get their calls on the same day. Pretty exciting! Life is such a great experience. There have been some happy new things recently that have made life that much better! Count your blessings :) 

Can you believe it's November already? 

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